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Established over 20 years ago at the birth of the World Wide Web we have provided services in IT and Internet based systems for clients in every industry and sector of all sizes from small business to multi-national organisations. We have always focused on working out exactly what our clients need, explaining it in plain English so everyone understands what will be achieved and then delivering exactly what was agreed. The Lively Design team achieves this same philosophy and process in a world of creative choices and trade off’s between brilliant ideas, budgetary constraints and return on investment.

The first thing we tell any potential client is, we have little interest in designing a website and loading it onto the Internet and sending a bill for completion. Like all of our businesses we look for clients who will be our client as long as they are in business and we adhere to our policy of excellence. Our business processes and methodologies are centred around our “forever client” idea. This means that if we take on a client, we intended to work for then forever and everything we do, suggest and recommend is done with a long term view and understanding of what we need to achieve.  So while we could use a tick and flick design and launch a site and leave the client to it, there is so much more to achieving success. A successful project has many moving parts that need to be maintained and refined, such that if we did a single website with the tick and flick approach, we couldn’t sleep at night worrying if tomorrow will be the day a client is unhappy, achieving no results, offline or out of business. While we might talk to a client about the specifics of a project and be focused on achieving a launch, never forget we are focused on the long term picture too and without specifically discussing the long term future we have thought about it and taken it into account with what we are doing right now.

Why Choose Us?

We don’t care what your budget is. We will help determine what you need, what you want and what you should spend so you get a balance between quality, features, price and return on investment.

We can do all the hard work of having an online presence and believe us it is hard work.

We are in business, in many businesses in fact. We know what is required to succeed in the long term and everything we do assumes that you and we will all be successful and around for a long time!

Every one of our competitors does a part of the work we do. None do all of what we do.

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