Born out of necessity to help our clients, Lively Design is a divsion of Timeless Technologies, created to embody the ethics and dedication to results of Timeless, in the creative atmosphere of web content creation and online marketing.
Justin Cox

Who We Are

Established over almost 30 years ago at the birth of the World Wide Web we have provided services in IT and Internet based systems for clients in every industry and sector, from small business to multi-national organisations. We have always focused on working out exactly what our clients need, explaining it in plain English so everyone understands what will be achieved and then delivering exactly what was agreed. The Lively Design team achieves this same philosophy and process in a world of creative choices and trade off’s between brilliant ideas, budgetary constraints and return on investment.

Why Choose Us?

  • We don’t care what your budget is. We will help determine what you need, what you want and what you should spend so you get a balance between quality, features, price and return on investment.
  • We can do all the hard work of having an online presence and believe us it is hard work.
  • Every one of our competitors does a part of the work we do. None do all of what we do.
  • We are in business, in many businesses in fact. We know what is required to succeed in the long term and everything we do assumes that you and we will all be successful and around for a long time.

Our Work

We undertake projects for anyone that needs our assistance. No request is too small or too complicated. Below are some of our recent projects.

Our Services

Our range of services are very broad because across our group of companies, we can do almost anything a customer needs.

Web Design

Logo Design


Domain Name Territory

Reputation Management

Competitor Review

Social Media Marketing

SEO & Online Marketing

Content Creation and Marketing

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