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Design of a website appears deceptively simple but it is a complex and many factored process.

On the surface it is about the look and feel of presentation of information. The Internet has an overwhelming number of websites and visitors to websites quickly look before moving on and the look and feel of your presentation makes the difference between the visitor leaving after a few seconds and stopping to read your content.

The content needs to answer the visitor’s questions effectively and directly, while making it easy to navigate your site to find additional information when you have peaked their interest. Understanding the actions of visitors and being able to make a site welcoming and user friendly is a skill the Lively Design team has gained with years of experience designing systems that people interact with and rely on to do business. All of our systems and sites feel natural and are successful at engaging the intended audience and giving them what they want. Experience the Lively Design difference in your own sites today and you will never look back.


Getting your branding right the first time is critical.

When you are starting out in a venture, colours, branding, logos and your message are critical to get right. Establishing your branding requires repeating these message once the process has started, changing your mind will be both time consuming, costly and potentially derail your efforts to establish your brand as customers will be confused.

Choosing the right company to support you through this process is difficult because everyone will say they can do it. The most important aspect of making your choice is how comprehensively the provider can support you. If a provider can do traditional print media but has limited experience with online media then their designs will not be the problem but the challenges the provider itself will face trying to learn a new media while trying to provide you with effective content.

The best way to proceed is choose a company that does work in all of the media you think you are ever likely to use. Their process or designs might not create the best first impression but a little bit of extra effort can resolve that, the cost of doing so is nothing in comparison to the difficulty of having to translate a beautiful branding solution from media that it works in to a medium it does not and the provider does not have experience with.

Lively Design has worked in practically every imaginable traditional media, broadcast media and online medium and we understand the challenges unique to each which allows us to prepare content that will work and be adaptable to all types of use.


A simple starting point for everyone on the Internet

A Presence Website is our entry level offering and a package that all businesses and entities with an email address should have. Our goal is not to have a site to sell something or do marketing or promotion from but simply the equivalent of a business card and brief few sentences describing you and what you do. Almost everybody will type in www.and the domain from an email address that they receive from someone they might be interested in. There is nothing more likely to stop the enquiry at that point if the web browser shows “Page not found” or similar indicating you don’t have a website. We do not want anyone to lose those enquiries for that reason and so our Presence Website was born.

Our Portfolio includes a few examples of Presence Websites we have done and they can be created with very little effort which also means very low cost. If you are looking to put yourself onto the Internet for the first time this solution with a basic Email Hosting service is the ideal starting point. It is very inexpensive and will still allow us to help you determine how many people come to your website and you will be able to make an informed decision from that information when is the right time to upgrade to a more complete website. While the vast majority of our customers want a more expansive website than a Presence site, this is absolutely the right solution for someone that just wants to dip their toe in the water. Talk to us today about a Presence Site and all we will need is your details and a few sentences about yourself and we can have a site online and visible to the world within just a few hours.


Content Management Systems

A selection of robust platforms that allow you to build and maintain your website yourself.

Content Managements Systems (CMS) come in many flavours and styles and offer greatly varying features and capabilities. The number of available CMS choices is overwhelming and choosing one needs to be a considered process. However most web designers have their favourite or perhaps two favourites, upon which they develop all of the websites for their customers. Lively Design is different! We will assess your goals and design your site without a particular CMS in mind so that the design is truly what you want. The problem with having a preferred CMS is that any design is based upon the rules of the CMS, not your criteria and so the design you get is your needs shaped to fit into the limitations and requirements of the CMS.

A Lively Design is based 100% upon your need, the choice about what CMS or framework will render your website best is made after your design is decided.

The main benefit of a CMS, and why we generally use one, is that updating content is often easily done by someone with little experience and some basic training from a Lively Design specialist. While we will happily make all the changes to your site you could ever need in a cost effective manner, sometimes the changes required are a little rewording or the replacement of an image and being confident enough to attempt this yourself means we have done our job well. Your website is your own and being able to maintain and shape it yourself makes it feel even more your own.

The support offered by the team has always gone beyond our expectations. Their dedication, skilled expertise and insight has ensured that our business continued to function at full capacity. Experts are always available, on time, thorough with their work, respectful and personable to all our staff.

Daniel Armstrong, IT Manager

The team has bailed us out of a couple of emergency situations. They also bring a wealth of knowledge with a combination of technical and communication skills, strong leadership and work ethic that is rare in today’s world.

Jeremy Allen, IT Manager

Aged Care is a complex industry and has in recent years seen a significant increase in the use of Information Technology. We have implemented a number of systems that the team helped develop and manage online including platforms for clinical, inventory and document control systems.

Michael Frame, Executive Manager

Reputation Management

Your reputation is everything. So is ours!

One of the pillars upon which we have built our reputation with our customers is that we will do everything in our power to protect and build our customers reputation online. There are now hundreds of commonly used websites that will list your details and most you will never be aware of yourself. However your customers and potential customers may be using them and if someone, either a disgruntled customer or increasingly common a competitor, places a negative review, you will be unaware and unable to respond and that negative review will put off potential customers who see it because their first thought will be you ignored that feedback and this reinforces the negative review in their mind. Even when we are looking for someone ourselves, an electrician or a plumber, we see negative feedback that is not responded too and even with our knowledge of how these things work, human nature means we take that negative review to heart. It is unfathomable how much damage is being done to businesses today that they are completely unaware of.

Our Reputation Management Service is all about addressing this. We have custom systems that automatically crawl through the Internet and data analysts working 24x7x365 looking for feedback about our customers businesses. Anything we find is assessed to determine the true source of the feedback as much as possible and any potential conflicts of interests that may exist. We then report the feedback to you with the intelligence gathered and wherever possible a recommendation of the response that would be most appropriate in the situation to maximise the opportunity to turn negative feedback into a positive result and to reinforce positive feedback with a positive response.

While this is a growing area of our service, it has proven to be amongst the most powerful driver of results both in terms of repeat and new business development. Discuss this with us today if your reputation matters to you and the results will astound you!

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